Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prescott Court House 1878

don't forget to click to pop right inside these pictures
These pictures of the charming pink brick courthouse built 1in 1878 to meet the needs of Prescott's growing population, may be my favorites of Ee's collection. With it's modest portico and that interesting little windowed cupola, this building has a charm that our present imposing structure lacks.
One of the hazards of posting these cards is the time I fritter away trying to better research them. I could find nothing about the purpose of this mineral fountain, but I do think they were all the rage at time. I did run across the mention of a mineral fountain to be built in Central Park in 1867 at the cost of $80.00. I know that mineral water was thought to be healthy to drink and to bathe in, although I doubt people bathed on the Plaza!
They did however, have watermelon parties on warm summer evenings. The Plaza was fenced to keep out wandering livestock, and watermelons were planted to be enjoyed by Prescott Citizens. I think that may be a watermelon patch pictured in the foreground on this card!
It's fun to look at the buildings in the backgrounds of these pictures.
The old firehouse and jail show up nicely in the last one, so the photo was taken sometime after 1895 when that building was built.
There was a little chapel too, and I strongly suspect that it was the little building with it's back to the camera and the spire on top.


  1. My hubby and I get so excited when we see a new post on your blog! It's so much fun to see the wonderful old postcards. We have the first one but have never seen the last two before. I agree, trying to research the history is very time consuming and at times frustrating. You're doing a great job, keep up the good work.

  2. These are so neat to be able to see....thanks for sharing them.

  3. I hope your postcard collection is infinite. What a total service you are providing to us old Prescott photo geeks!
    Might you have some pics of the old Prescott High School that was on Gurley St?

  4. Thanks Jarat! I really appreciate your encouraging comments:)

    You're so welcome, Changes! Thanks for stopping by:)

    Thanks, Paul! I do have some pictures of the old high school where Ee and I both attended Jr. High. I'll post them one day soon.

  5. I love popping right into these pictures, Linda!

    I'm so glad you are sharing these wonderful old pictures with us.

    For some reason, it all brings tears to my eyes.

    I must be getting old, or something. :)

  6. Thanks, Jan:) I know what you mean by the tears...there's just something so endearing about that bygone era.

  7. This is sure a facinating look back. Too often the post card gets tossed.

  8. I've posted on your site for the PHS on Gurley. As I was leaving that post I saw this one. The original Courthouse was also designed by Frank G. Parker (I have a copy of his contract) and, oddly enough, since you mentioned the Jail in the background and date of 1890s you are correct. Frank also designed that building too. My source is the Arizona Miner Newspaper. Thank you so much for the posts.

  9. Always interesting to see how much Prescott has changed over the centuries! Love the red brick courthouse, it has so much going for it! Too bad progress led to the current courthouse.

  10. I used to live like 30 minutes from the court and when we had picnics there, I always felt weird around it. Like vibrations. Idk. It's very cool and beautiful though. I wish I didn't feel so uncomfortable around it.