Friday, April 10, 2009

Bathing Lake Update

Azlaydey sent me these pictures of her family swimming in the Granite Dells pool/lake.
They're especially great as they give us a perspective lacking in the other pictures so now we have an almost 180 degree view of the lake.

This one of her Mom was taken from about the site of the old Leave Her to Heaven set. It was probably around 11 a.m. or so because you can see the afternoon's thunderheads, reliable as clockwork then, just peeking above the boulders.
The picture below is of her children and looks across from the rocks toward the old movie set. (I recently watched the movie again and this time, in the beginning of the movie, I saw this set and pool. )
It looks like all three of these children were having a wonderful time, even the little dabbler with the broken arm who was probably under instructions not to get her cast wet!
That's most likely one of those huge inner tubes, not a boat in front of the looks-like-a-house move set.

Azlaydey and I both raised our children here in the sixties and seventies. We didn't know each other, but we could easily have stood side by side at the Fourth of July parade.. we share a nostalgia for those beautifully simple times and neither of us would trade them for today's mad paced, and restrictive society.
I'm going to leave these pictures here for awhile because I don't want anyone to miss them. Later I'll move them down to the bathing lake series.
Thanks Azlaydey! And thanks for your comments telling about ranching life in Skull Valley when you were raising your children.


  1. Very cool photo's to see. My how those kids have changed! Thanks to Azlaydey for sharing the pictures and to you, Linda for posting them for us to enjoy.

  2. Linda..I can see why you would long for the old days, when your children were young.

    What a different world it was, then.

    Seeing these pictures makes me want to try to find the movie! :)

  3. It was a wonderful time and great place to raise children. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this area when life was so much simpler.

  4. Love the memories....thanks for sharing.

  5. Love these great photos! Thanks for sharing =)

  6. Oh, my, I remember that pool from the 30s, when I was quite young. We came up to the Dells a few times from the Valley.

  7. Hi Linda - these are great photos. I was curious was the pool's side the only thing that was concrete? I'm assuming that the bottom wasn't? Thank you, Valerie