Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bathing Lake Post Script

This is really a post script to the Bathing Lake at Granite Dells. I meant to post the colorized version of this card as well as the sepia toned card, but Blogger tricked me and that's enough said about that except it's not very hard to do.
these will all click to enlarge

I had been going through old photos trying determine their fate, when I found these shots of my Grandparents, my Mom, and me taken at the old swimming pool in 1948.
You can see the slide across from the bath house here.

This shot of me clinging determinedly to my beloved Grandmother, includes the bridge to the island in the background. Not very clearly, I'm afraid.

I have no idea what that is on my feet! Looks rather like the Winnie the Pooh slippers I'm wearing right now.
For a Look at the old place as it appears today, see Prescott Area Daily Photo.


  1. Oh Linda! How great is that. I am loving those old photos and memories. You must be a mind reader, I have an auto post scheduled on the 24th with the same postcard. I have pictures of what it all looks like now too. We will be out of town from tomorrow until mid next week so the auto post is a must. Be sure to check it out on the 24th. Thanks for all the good history.

  2. Jarat, I'll be watching for your post and link to it on the 24th!

  3. Linda..I love these pictures!

    I'll bet you were wearing sherpa boots, or something like that!

    I just love this blog!

  4. Back in the mid 90's, a Gary Denny hired me to board up the old buildings there to keep the hobos out. I had a chance to do a little investigation of the property. I felt it was to damaged to rehab, and a few buildings were moved off the property.

    Love your Slippers!

  5. Jan, sherpa boots..maybe..I just don't remember.Thank you for reading!

    Paul, what a great opportunity you had to really look the old resort over... gone are the days..alas..

  6. I have a couple of photos that I took of my kids and mom at the Granite Dells pool in 1967, before it closed for good. I can date it to the exact year, as my daughter was 5 and had her broken arm in a cast. I can send the photos to you if you want them.

  7. azlaydey! That would be so great! You can email me at samandlindagreen@cableone.net. I'll include any memories you could share!

  8. I visited in 1978 and for a few years thereafter. Then one day it was gone. Or is it? No sign of the bathing lake but is the site still there to visit?