Monday, March 23, 2009

A Little Romance!

This card is interesting because it gives another perspective of the bridge to the island at the old Granite Dells bathing pool. The card is dated 1906 so it's during the period the special train ran from Prescott. That looks like boats at the far end, so this lake must have been used for both bathing and boating in those early years.
click for a closer look
I love this card too, for the elegant penmanship and lavender ink used by a young man to tell his girl, he misses her "eyes of brown," and to wonder if she'd , "turn me down."
No house numbers needed although there is added delivery information on the lower left corner. I wonder if Eouah said yes to Will. Somehow I hope so!


  1. I like the Thumb Butte picture, it appears there is not too many pines on the northwest side. Very similar to today's Thumb Butte.

  2. Yes, but what is that item looking like a cross leaning off the butte? It must be huge.

  3. Prescotstyle, TB does look about the same after all these years!

    GJ, I think that's a little x that Will put there to show how high he climbed. Although it sure looks like a projection from the Butte..

  4. Love that card, never saw that one before. I agree with you about the "now" picture on my blog today, it is sad to see it now. What a loss. It's good to have the old photo's.

  5. Jarat, it is nice to have the old pictures so we can remember the way things were. Everything changes so fast!